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Born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin, AlumierMD Peel Treatments are the next generation of clinical exfoliation with scientific formulations delivering exceptional results. Developed by a global team of scientists, dermatologists and leading industry professionals, the range of peels, each with a unique complex of ingredients can be customised to target your specific skin concerns whether it be ageing, pigmentation or acne. This unique experience includes an exfoliation peel treatment and brightening enhancement to reveal a more radiant, soft and luminous skin.

Chemical peels work by deeply exfoliating the surface layers of the skin, forcing your body to quickly replenish it with new cells. When peels are performed regularly, the skin gets used to this process and begins to rejuvenate itself like younger skin. A single chemical peel can provide the immediate effect of bright and radiant skin; while repeated treatments will give progressive and more significant results in treating textural issues, fine lines and inflamed acne. Using homecare products consistently and as directed will also achieve optimal results.


Glow Peel
(Dry, normal, oily, dehydrated, acne, hyperpigmentation & ageing skin)

Glow Peel combines lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, creating a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective in minimizing the appearance of fine, lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone. This formula exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. To suit individual needs, Glow Peel can be customized by strength, by numbers of layers.

Treatment Time: 50 mins, €125 (includes post procedure homecare kit)

Radiant 30
(Dull skin, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone)

Radiant 30 is an alpha hydroxy acid resurfacing peel containing lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. Boost cell turnover and stimulate collagen, improving skin texture and tone. This multifunctional peel targets multiple skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage and large pores. The treatment is followed with Dermalux LED Light Therapy.

Treatment Time: 50 mins, €120 (includes post procedure homecare kit)

Radiant 20/10
(Acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, congestion, open pores and oiliness)

With lactic and salicylic acid, radiant 20/10 resurfacing peel contains a powerful combination of both acids which improve skin tone and texture by exfoliating dead skin cells and speeding cell turnover, lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The treatment is followed with Dermalux LED Light Therapy.

Treatment Time: 50 mins, €120 (includes post procedure homecare kit)

Vitamin A Boost
(Ageing, acne and pigmentation)

Vitamin A boost is a potent and pure retinol and lactic acid resurfacing treatment. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation by boosting collagen production and speeding cell turnover, creating a more radiant and even-tone complexion. Ideal for mature or sun damaged skin. 

Treatment Time: 50 mins, €120 (includes post procedure homecare kit)

Detox Clear
(Acne, congestion)

Detox Clear contains salicylic acid and lactic acid for excellent pore penetration and exfoliation. Salicylic penetrates into the pore and exfoliates dead skin cells and excess sebum. Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and hydrates. Eucalyptus provides astringent properties and together they work to smooth skin, minimise pore size, reduce acne and prevent pimples from forming. Extractions are carried out, if required, with this treatment and High Frequency or Dermalux LED Light Therapy is also included.

Treatment Time: 50 mins, €95


Please Note: 24 Hour Notice is required if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. For late cancellations and ‘no show’ appointments 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.

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