CoolLifting Facial Treatment


CoolLifting is an amazing skin procedure that can instantly and dramatically smooth, lift and reduce facial wrinkles. What’s more the procedure is painless! CoolLifting can also be combined with other procedures for an even more dramatic effect – Microneedling, Nano Infusion, AlumierMD Peels.

CoolLifting uses CO2 at both low temperatures and high pressure, to penetrate the skin and carry hyaluronic acid and other key ingredients to the lower layers of the epidermis. Blood cells are oxygenated bringing healthy and plumped skin cells to the surface, instantly resulting in reduced lines and wrinkles providing a bright, hydrated, glowing complexion. These oxygenated cells also stimulate collagen and elastin formation, both responsible for beautiful, healthier, younger looking skin.

CoolLift is super for when you need to look “red-carpet ready” for that special event since results are instant, but even better if you do a few treatments fairly close together. Achieve longer term results (up to 3 months) with a package of multiple treatments, followed by a maintenance treatment thereafter of one session every month.

The treatment begins with a deep cleanse and a light exfoliating enzyme mask finishing with a CoolLift Treatment and facial massage for instant hydration and radiance.

CoolLift Treatment Options: BOOK HERE
CoolLift Treatment (Cleanse, Exfoliation, CoolLift Treatment, Facial Massage) €90
CoolLift Treatment + Peel – €120
CoolLift Treatment + Dermalux LED Light Therapy – €120
CoolLift ‘Red Carpet Go and Glow’ Treatment (Combines CoolLift Treatment+ Peel + LED) €140

CoolLift CoolLift Before & After

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