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Empties June 2020

I have a a lovely selection of empties in this blog post, a mixed bag and all I’d be happy to re-purchase and have in fact already!

Spotlight Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth 
I always get asked how do I keep my teeth bright and white, so here it is. Spotlight whitening toothpaste. Containing 0.1% Hydrogen Peroxide, the most effective active whitening agent, it effectively whitens teeth by breaking down the stains on teeth, giving you a whiter, brighter smile, without any sensitivity. I use it twice a day, just like regular toothpaste. Two other products in the Spotlight family that I use are their whitening strips and mouthwash, so these and the toothpaste together are a great trio. You’ll find all Spotlight products in selected pharmacies nationwide and online from, €11.50

Spotlight Whitening Toothpaste

Dr Sam’s Flawless Nightly Serum
Dr Sam can do no wrong when it comes to her formulations and this is another product from her range that I love and have recommended to many of my clients who have seen wonderful results as well. For me, this is a super introductory level retinoid serum for those who are keen to start their Vitamin A journey. It’s a lovely lightweight serum with a silky-smooth texture and absorbs rapidly without stickiness. It’s non-comedogenic and fragrance-free too. Like her Daily Flawless Sunscreen, the formulation for me is the winner. With Flawless Nightly, she has blended four outstanding, multi-tasking actives…

* 2% Granactive Retinoid – A derivative of gold-standard tretinoin. It clears out pores, softens lines and wrinkles and improves clarity.
* 5% Azelaic Acid tackles redness, blemishes, and pigmentation
* 1% Bakuchiol – This seed extract that behaves like a retinoid, helping blemish-prone skin and premature ageing
* 10% Niacinamide – Otherwise known as VitB3, this helps strengthen your barrier function, is pore-unclogging, improves tone and texture, has anti-inflammatory properties, and makes skin like retinoids better.

Depending on how thirsty your skin is, you might not need a moisturiser on top, but if you do, go with something light and remember to start off slow, your retinoid journey is not a race! Availble from, £39

Dr Sams Flawless Nightly Serum

Avène Intense Eye Make Up Remover
I often get asked to recommend an eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes, and this is always the one I advise them to try. It instantly removes all types of eye makeup, including waterproof, with a gentle formulation that leaves skin feeling soft and supple and no eye irritation. It’s a bi-phase composition, so you need to give a good shake before using and it’s enriched with mild emollients to leave a smooth, non-greasy finish, with little rubbing needed so lashes are protected too. It is also rich in soothing Avène thermal spring water and has been specially formulated to be suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. You’ll find it in selected pharmacies nationwide and online too, €14.99.

Avene Intense Eye Makeup Remover

Ayu Easy Brow Pencil
I love a good brow pencil and Ayu does not disappoint! This brow pencil comes in two shades, brown, which I had and dark brown. As our brows are naturally cooler than our hair colour, the two shades have been developed with cool undertones for the most natural finish possible. It’s a lovely soft pencil that doesn’t drag, and the pigment is really long lasting, I also love the spoolie on the other end. All in all, a great brow pencil that will help you achieve a perfect natural brow. You can buy directly from, €16.50.

Ayu Eye Brow Pencil

Juliette Armand Sirtuin Hyaluronic Acid
Juliette Armand is a Greek Skincare Brand, founded by two female chemists back in 1992. They have developed a range of skincare products that optimise effectiveness and are based on scientific research. This a super hyaluronic acid, and one that combines the moisturising and firming action of three different types of hyaluronic acid along with the anti-ageing action of sirtuin. Whenever you are looking for a hyaluronic acid, try to choose one that is multi-molecular for intense hydration and firming. This serum not only gives surface hydration, plumping and smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also deeper hydration, for more lasting effects. The addition of sirtuins, a family of proteins that play a role in skin ageing by regulating cellular health is an added bonus too. I have bought a few Juliette Armand products and have been very happy with all my choices, you will find this on, €39.

Juliette Armand Sirtuin Hyaluronic Serum

Medik8 Brightening Powder Cleanser
One of my favourite morning cleansers is this beauty from Medik8. It gently exfoliates and refreshes the skin without leaving the skin feeling dry or tight. It’s an ultra-fine powder that turns into a creamy foam when you add water, this when massaged into your skin lifts away impurities and dead cells leaving your complexion smoother and brighter. It contains a specialist ingredient, Oxyresveratrol that gradually brightens dull skin and inhibits melanin production so great for lightening discolouration and leaving skin feeling soft and looking beautifully radiant. It’s suitable for all skin types and all you do is mix a small amount of powder with water and gently rub between the palms to active the powder before massaging into damp skin on the face. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Can be used daily or weekly. I buy it from, £30.

Medik8 Brightening Powder Cleanse

If you have tried or decide to try any of the above, be sure to let me know what you think.

Sherna x

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