SLIMYONIK® Air Bodystyler

Introducing the revolutionary SLIMYONIK®Air Bodystyler to the clinic, the first of its kind to be here in Ireland, offering you a 360 approach to wellness.

Inspired by “lymphology” expert Dr Vodder and his pioneering work around Manual Lymph Drainage, specially developed tailored pressure therapy massage with the inhalation of air enriched with oxygen, boosts and enhances from within, supercharging lymph flow, the metabolism, nutrient absorption while improving overall body contour and wellness. This system also supports the gut, liver, kidneys, providing a surplus of essential nutrients to our skin cells to enable internal and external optimal health to flourish.

In keeping with my holistic approach to skin health, we are truly treating skin and working on your health and wellbeing from the inside out. The Airstyler is a wearable device (worn from the waist down) with eight bespoke programs that can be tailored to your needs – from a lymph massage to a slimming and cellulite massage or a post-sport or relaxing massage. While wearing the device, a nasal cannula is fitted to provide purified air and boost the oxygen intake into the body by 40 per cent.

The treatment is completely pain-free and there’s no downtime – results include reduced bloating, reduced cellulite, improved gut health and increased immunity.

Available as an add on to all Bespoke Skin Health Facials, AlumierMD Peels and BYONIK Treatments.

Introductory offer €60

It is recommended to drink extra water after your treatment to aid with the flushing out of toxins.

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