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The September 2023 Beauty Edit – What’s new this month!

Neutrogena Retinol Boost

Neutrogena has launched its brand-new face care range, Retinol Boost, comprising of six products designed to prevent and correct multiple visible signs of ageing. Harnessing the power of pure retinol (a dermatologist-proven form of Vitamin A) for visibly youthful, healthy-looking skin, this comprehensive range is suitable for beginner to expert retinol users. Developed with dermatologists, the new innovative Retinol Boost formulas blend three key ingredients with the aim of achieving maximum efficacy with great tolerability. The powerhouse ingredient – pure retinol – is scientifically proven to stimulate cell renewal at the skin’s surface, it also works to increase collagen production. As cells renew, skin looks rejuvenated and revitalised, and fine lines, dullness, wrinkles, and pigmentation spots are improved. Myrtus plant extract, known for its skin-regenerating benefits, boosts retinol effectiveness by 83%, while hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates and plumps the skin.

For retinol beginners, gradually phase into your skincare routine, start with 2-3 uses per week for the first 3 weeks, working up to daily/nightly use as tolerated. The Retinol Boost range is suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. Always use an SPF during the day when using retinol, as it can increase sun sensitivity. Available now from Lloyds, McCabes, Hickeys and independent pharmacies nationwide starting from RRP €30.99.

Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream

Tired, dull eyes? Introducing the latest breakthrough in skincare innovation – Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream. Designed to rejuvenate and revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes, it’s Garnier’s most advanced anti-fatigue cocktail. Suitable for sensitive skin and fragrance free, superstar ingredient Vitamin C gives powerful brightening benefits while niacinamide softens fine lines and illuminates. Caffeine, a powerful ally depuffs eye bags and banana powder, the secret of the world’s most famous makeup artists, helps decrease dark circles.

The transformative formula with its lightweight texture and fast-absorbing nature is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of eight signs of fatigue: dark circles, under eye fine lines, dullness, crow’s feet, lack of firmness, smoothness, softness, and overall skin appearance. It will effortlessly become a staple in your daily routine, leaving you with brighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking eyes, €15 available from selected pharmacies nationwide.

KASH Beauty Skin Glaze Collection

Elevate your glow to perfection with KASH Beauty’s coveted makeup bag essential – The Skin Glaze Collection. Comprising of seven stunningly silky liquid blushers and bronzers to join the original bestselling duo, unlocking endless possibilities to enhance your no-makeup-makeup look with a subtle flush of colour and glow, or a deeper sun-kissed hue. The velvety smooth, vegan, and cruelty-free formula glides effortlessly across your skin, seamlessly blending with the KASH Beauty sculpting sponge or your fingertips.

With just a few strokes of the applicator wand, these buildable, blendable, and lightweight formulas work their magic, adorning your complexion with luminosity and radiance. Peach Paradise adds a gorgeous coral glaze to the skin, while Malibu Dreamin’ is perfect for sunny day looks, a candy-pink shade that adds a muted, sleek glaze to the skin, creating a fresh, youthful look. Get glowing with Skin Glaze in shade Honey Bronze, a warm bronze liquid highlighter ideal for light- to medium-toned skin, creating depth and radiance all at once, €19.95 available at and stockists nationwide, including Boots, Brown Thomas and Arnotts.

Bellamianta Archnemesis & Tri Brow

Raise a brow with Bellamianta’s new innovative brow perfecting products. Whether you prefer a natural, soft look or crave bold, defined arches – these will have you turning heads in no time.

Create the ultimate hold with Archnemesis Eyebrow Sculpt and Hold with Brush, an intense, long-lasting clear wax, suitable for all skin tones and brow colours. Formulated to give the appearance of fuller, lifted and perfectly groomed brows – it couldn’t be easier to shape and style them to their full potential. Brush and set your brows for a flake-free and smooth finish that holds in place all day and right through the night, €15.99. Tribrow 3-In-1 Eyebrow Enhancer combines an eyebrow pencil, spoolie brush and brow mascara. This is the smudge-proof, long-wearing secret weapon to achieving the perfect brow.

Start off by brushing through your brows with the spoolie, then take the highly pigmented pencil for precise application of super fine lines, mimicking the appearance of brow hairs, and helping to camouflage any sparse areas. Finally, create the appearance of a fuller brow and defined shape with the fibre infused tinted eyebrow gel, working to create a natural fullness and definition. Tribrow is available in 4 shades: Ash Brown, Brown, Auburn, and Charcoal. Available to purchase on and from stockists nationwide.

Hush & Hush PlantYourDay

A healthy body and healthy skin, starts in the gut. When the gut flora is out of balance for any reason such as diet, antibiotic use, lifestyle choices and environment, the result can lead to breakouts, skin redness, dermatitis, stomach and digestion issues, depression, and chronic pain. That’s where prebiotics, (which act like food for probiotics), and probiotics, (good bacteria that keeps the bacteria in the gut in check), come in. PlantYourDay has these superstar ingredients in their nutritious supergreens-, superfruits- and superfoods-rich protein powder that rebalances the body from the inside out.

Providing long-lasting energy and a dose of fibre, the plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-packed formula limits internal inflammation, in turn helping to improve skin clarity, redness and imperfections. Formulated with organic pumpkin and pea protein, prebiotics and probiotics blended with a delicious chocolate flavour, the easy-to-digest formula doesn’t come with many of the negative effects that are typically found in other protein powders, including bloating, cramping and an upset stomach. Plus, PlantYourDay also improves digestion, mental clarity, and immunity, €55, available in selected clinics and salons around Ireland. For a full list of Hush & Hush stockists go to

Skin Theøry Antioxidant Tinted Day Cream SPF30

As we know, sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature ageing and skin damage, making SPF a vital component in our skincare routine to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The latest addition to the Skin Theøry range is a moisturising day cream that is packed with antioxidants, offers UVA/UVB protection and a colour-adapting technology that leaves all skin tones with a luminous glow.

President International of Thérapie Clinic, Katie McGlade comments “We are thrilled to introduce our new Antioxidant Tinted Day Cream SPF30 to the Skin Theøry product family. At Skin Theøry, we believe that effective skincare should be a harmonious blend of science, safety, and accessibility. With this innovative addition, we continue our commitment to providing skincare solutions that not only protect against the harmful effects of the sun but also enhance the natural beauty of every individual’s skin.” €49.95 available to buy online from and in Therapie Clinics nationwide.

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