My Teen Life Workshop was born when I was Managing Director of the Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School, Dublin. I realised there was a real need to nurture and guide young teenagers during this sometimes, tumultuous stage in their lives. A workshop that addressed the issues they face today but one that was fun, non-intimidating and practical.

One that combined skincare, beauty and well-being along with communication skills, interview tips, confidence boosters and etiquette. Now that I am living in West Cork, I felt it was important to start them again and inspire a new culture of confidence among young teens.

There was the same motivation in starting my Tween Life Workshops They are just starting to go through some dramatic changes in their body and mind and ones that can be quite scary. It’s the perfect time to start discussing personal care, skincare, confidence and the importance of being happy within yourself.

As parents I know you are helping them navigate through these ever-changing stages, but sometimes when the delivery is from someone else, it can change their mindset and their willingness to embrace these positive new skills and become more confident and empowered.

For more information on Teen Life Workshops CLICK HERE

For more information on Tween Life Workshops CLICK HERE

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