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Paulas Choice Skincare

I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t really that familiar with Paula Begoun, founder of Paula’s Choice Skincare until I saw her being interviewed by Nadine Baggott on one of her vlogs. If the same goes for you, before I launch in, here is a little bit of background to the range.

Paula’s Choice Skincare was established in 1995. As a natural evolution of Paula’s mission to help consumers find the best products for their skin, the line has grown into an extensive range of skincare and makeup products that are formulated to meet the needs of almost every skin type and skin concern imaginable, from acne to wrinkles. It doesn’t matter how popular an ingredient is, if there aren’t scientific studies backing up its effectiveness, it doesn’t make the cut. She also steers well clear of fragrance and anything else that could cause irritations.

Intrigued and wanting to try the range, I ordered some products to see what they were like. It is a vast range and a being a little overwhelmed I decided to keep it simple and opted for a face mask as I needed a new one. There also happened to be a “free gift with two products” so being a sucker for that ole marketing hook, off I searched again and decided on a facial mist.

The mask I went for was her Overnight Radiance Mask and the mist was the Refreshing Moisture Mist. Feeling really under the weather one evening, I reached for the Overnight Radiance Mask. The texture is gel like and suitable for all skin types and a thin layer is all that’s needed. For some people, having a jelly like mask on your skin overnight, might not float your boat, I was fine with it. You apply as your last step in your evening routine, or if like me, you do your routine early in the evening, I apply just before I go to bed.

So, what does it do I hear you ask? It transforms dull skin overnight and provides intense hydration along with brightening ingredients to improve uneven skin tone leaving your complexion glowing. Its soothing, fragrance-free formula also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Featuring Niacinamide, Arbutin (skin brightener), Hylauronic Acid and numerous plant extracts, this vitamin and antioxidant rich formula is a great addition to any existing skincare routine. My skin looked fantastic the next morning, bright, plumped and smooth. The name says it all. Radiance! Generally, I use it once a week or if I have an important event coming up I will apply the night before and anytime I feel my skin needs a little oomph. This mask is definitely one to have in your skincare arsenal.

My initial experience with my Refreshing Moisture mist wasn’t so great. In work, my skin needed a little hydration, so I started to mist but it wasn’t a mist, it was more of a spray. My face was full on sopping. When something says mist, that’s what I’m expecting. I investigated this as I really felt I had a dud here. Low and behold there were some tips on Beautypedia for using “Depressing the pump all the way emits more of a wet-feeling spray than a mist, and can be a problem to use over makeup; depressing the pump halfway and then releasing delivers a finer mist that’s more suitable for applying over makeup without disturbing its appearance”.

Hallelujah, problem solved! I have it in work at my desk and I spritz occasionally throughout the day, it’s loaded with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients leaving skin really refreshed, great for when skin feels tight. It can also be used as a toner and I think would be ideal to have in your bag when travelling.

In a nutshell I was really pleased with everything I tried (well once I knew how to figure out the correct application of the Refreshing Moisture Mist!) It is a very a reasonably priced range and the great thing is, you can opt for trial sizes, should you wish to experiment before committing to the full size, especially if you are a Paula’s Choice Newbie. If you’d like to know a little more about her and the range, here is the link to the video with Paula and Nadine Baggott.

I bought my products from Cloud10Beauty but you can also purchase from other websites. As always if you have any questions, please get in touch with me. Till next time!

Sherna x

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