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April saw the beginning of “Inside Out Beauty” my first article for The West Cork People. A little introduction about me and what’s to come. Enjoy!

For me growing up, beauty and skincare were part and parcel of everyday life. My mother, Bronwyn Conroy, was Irelands leading skincare expert, she opened the first ever Beauty Training School in Ireland back in 1972. Indeed many, if not all the private colleges in Ireland today were trained by her. Often referred to as the doyenne of the beauty business, today she still carries off that accolade with aplomb!

“Prevention is better than cure” is what she would say to everyone and anyone who asked for her advice regarding skincare and how to look after yourself. Whether it was someone asking her on the street or someone who had written into her weekly column in the Sunday Press of old, this was her mantra and one that I have adopted and followed throughout my adult life.

On leaving school, it was assumed I would automatically follow in her footsteps but after she herself dropped out from UCG to follow her beauty passion, it was suggested “go to college Sherna, it’ll be great for you” and being the ever so obedient eldest daughter, off I went! I completed an honors degree in Psychology from UCD and from there I went on to study Human Resource Management. Having worked in various roles in the industry, I guess my heart was always with beauty so eventually I joined the family business and was Managing Director of the Beauty School for over 15 years.

In 2014 my family and I decided to go on a little adventure and we landed in West Cork! My husband, twin girls Ella and Zoe, and I have never looked back. Rosscarbery is now home. The beauty bug though still shines as bright as ever and it is very much part of me and what I love to talk about. I am a qualified Beautician and have taught many students who have successfully gone on to follow their own beautiful dream, so it is an absolute pleasure to have this space and be able to share with you my knowledge and expertise in all things beauty. From skin care do’s and don’ts to the latest products out there, my goal with this column is to help you make the right decisions for your skincare/beauty needs that will not only help how you feel on the outside but also how you feel on the inside, which is equally as important.

For me, it is a very exciting time in the beauty industry especially surrounding skincare products, and how rapidly the technology and our understanding of the physiology and biology of skin have changed and evolved. We have new ingredients, new combinations of ingredients, and new discoveries that have all transformed what products can do for us. Not only that but research into how skin functions have also enabled us to shed new light on the best possible ways to take care of our skin. While you may not think too much about your skincare routine, the truth is we all should, and it really is very simple. Sometimes, it’s the marketing and advertising that tends to complicate the process!

With that in mind, next month I’ll be focusing on my mantra “prevention is better than cure” and how following a few simple skincare rules will keep your skin healthier and fitter for longer! If you have topics you would like to know more about or if you have skin concerns you would like me to answer, I would love for you to get in touch with me at hello@sshernamalone.mystagingwebsite.com and I will endeavor to answer all your queries. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook

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