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With over 20 years of experience, Pietro Simone is highly regarded by industry professionals, beauty experts, and high-profile international clients for his one-of-a-kind methodologies and 360° transformative experiences. ITV’s Lorraine Kelly recently discussed how her custom treatments with Pietro have made her skin “feel incredible and never looked better”. Now you can experience for yourself his renowned, luxurious, personalised treatments which use science-led skincare, add on technologies and lymphatic drainage stimulation.

Pietro Simone Advanced Multi-Peptide Infusion Facial

This dynamic facial rejuvenation treatment comprises of Pietro Simone’s unique signature organic cotton thread exfoliation method, dry massage technique, which combines deep tissue manipulation with connective tissue stimulation causing muscle stimulation and revitalisation in many different levels of the skin AND an exceptional infusion of highly potent peptides. A regenerative treatment that encourages cellular renewal and increases micro-circulation for a smoother-looking healthier skin that is sculpted, lifted and re-oxygenated with renewed freshness and vitality.


Pietro Simone Personalised Cellular Activating Facial

An intensive moisture-restoring treatment encompassing Pietro Simone’s signature dry massage technique and layering method. Using luxurious Pietro Simone Skincare, enriches with Italian Bella Complex and science led formulas. This premium pro-ageing facial focuses on hydration and skin-saving nutrients, resulting in increased elasticity and collagen production for vibrant, feel-good skin.

Don’t forget, the award-winning Pietro Simone Fierce Collection Skincare range is also available to buy in the clinic and online from my Fresha Web Store. This month’s product highlight is Imperfection Diminisher…..

imperfection diminisher min

Pietro Simone Imperfection Diminisher RRP €58

I have a peel treatment for all the skincare lovers out there. If enlarged pores, breakouts, uneven texture, and dullness are some of your skincare woes, then Imperfection Diminisher from Pietro’s FIERCE Collection should be on your Christmas wish list. It’s an exfoliating, texture perfecting, blemish, blackhead, and pore management peel complex, that combines, azelaic and salicylic acid for a precise exfoliation, accelerated skin renewal and a glow-worthy complexion. Great for pre-party prep! Also in the formula are two super skincare ingredients, Beta Glucan, and Copper Gluconate to soothe and calm the skin, minimising redness, providing an intense deep hydration, while at the same time promoting collagen synthesis and skin regeneration. You would use this in your night-time routine, once or twice a week, after cleansing, leave for 2-4 minutes and remove with water and reveal the Glow!

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