The Pietro Simone Methodology arose over the course of 20 years of active experience in treating specific skin concerns and needs accompanied with a deep research of natural, medical and scientific ingredients to create the ultimate and comprehensive formulations for a healthy and stronger skin ecosystem.

The PS philosophy, “The Skin is the Theatre of Life”, is the foundation to a personalised and tailored 360 degree lifestyle skincare regime to age gracefully using tolerable, specific formulations to enhance and support the skin’s quality and health. The true art of a balanced and result-driven skincare is achieved through infusing potent, bio-recognisable active ingredients, including the patented IBC complex, to the epidermis whilst further enhancing results and the skincare journey via the PS signature facials, massages, advanced leading technologies and ancient techniques for a truly unique customised approach to skin health.

Pietro Simone has created coveted powerful formulations to support the skin in every step of your daily skincare routine, resulting in positive skin actions and reactions for unrivalled skin performance and the epitome in skin pleasure. Suitable for all skin tones, skin types and genders, targeting the multi-faceted needs of individuals with diverse skin requirements and ages.


The Inspiration

From a very young age, I witnessed the various women in my life, care for their skin with illuminating creams, powerful serums, and tailored skincare regimes. Hypnotised by their rituals and positive emotions, my desire to create the ultimate journey in skincare arose.

After many years of continuous, enlightening research including the creation of my patented IBC formation (Italian Bella Complex) and exceptional leading active ingredients, accompanied with an extensive career in the luxury beauty industry, I have proudly created my own skincare line with Italian finesse and excellence, for all to revive and relive these emotions within the sphere of Pietro Simone Beauty. – Pietro Simone


Empowered by mother nature and science

Human evolution, lifestyle, genetics, life stages, environmental stressors, emotions, and hormonal imbalances represent the demand in the creation of a fierce skin platform targeting de-hydration, acne, rosacea, hyper-sensitivity, redness, pore management and skin texture.

The Fierce Collection is a skin system, customised to you, blending biotechnology, scientific and the best cutting-edge natural active ingredients and compounds to revitalise skin and target specific skin concerns while supporting the intricate skin ecosystem and creating the foundation for a better skin future.


Pietro’s Promise

We at Pietro Simone promise to not test on animals or use animal ingredients and will continue to create reusable packaging. We promise to become more sustainable as each year goes by to help heal our planet Earth.

Free From: Diligently formulated to be free from alcohol, artificial colorants, cocamide DEA, essential oils, EDTA, formaldehyde, GMOs, ingredients of animal origin, mineral oil, myristyl myristate, nitrates, parabens, paraffin, PEG, petrolatum, phthalates, Polysorbate 20, propylene glycol, silicones, SLS & SLES, synthetic fragrances and triclosan.

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