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NIOD Flavanone Mud Mask – The Lowdown!

As with everything in skincare, ingredients evolve and so has mud! I do like a mud mask every now and then and I was very curious about Flavanone Mud Mask after I saw it on the Deciem website when I was buying my NIOD CAIS (copper) serum. I remember a long time ago India Knight from the Sunday Times Style magazine writing about it and I was intrigued then so of course I had to investigate!

The description on the website is very lengthy so in a nutshell, this is not your normal mud mask, it “decongests your complexion with its innovative Dispersion Technology which delivers a deep cleansing action. With a three-phase formula, this face mask creates a very thin layer over skin to reignite a luminous glow and reveal a clarified, revitalised complexion”. In short, not only does it remove impurities, but ingredients including modified oleic acid and resveratrol work to shield the skin and fight inflammation while “flavanone” derived from citrus supports dermal detoxification.

You can use this once a week or you can like I did, use if every night for five nights to super charge the effects, and as I don’t do things by halves of course I had to try the five-night option. I applied in a very thin layer with my mask brush, and only left it on for the recommended time, 10 mins. I will admit I did resemble an oompa loompa but hey, these are the things you do when you love trying products. Needless to say, I did not let husband see me while I pranced around singing the infamous Willie Wonka tune.

While the instructions advise there may be a slight stinging sensation after rinsing off due it’s circulatory properties, I would say it’s more than slight, on my skin anyway and it did not lessen even after five days of using. Could I live with it yes, but I am used to trying products and I don’t get alarmed, but I would imagine if you were not as seasoned as I then you might think you were having an allergic reaction such was the sensation. Be warned too, it will stain your face cloth, again a lovely orange shade! I got the bulk off with damp cotton pads, but it does need a final going over with a cloth.

Now the plus side was it did leave my skin glowing, very clear and incredibly soft so I was glad I persevered. I have used it weekly since and again, the stinging sensation is still there when you take it off. I’m not sure if that is something I want to keep experiencing though, despite the great after effects. Also, it’s not a look that will do you any favours, so if you do try it, my advice would be, apply and hide. I will keep using, I’m not sure yet if I would re-purchase despite the great effects it had on my skin. There are other mud masks out there, albeit not with “Dispersion Technology” and I will continue my quest to find the best!

Sherna x

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